Automation & Control Systems

  • Design, development and commissioning of Industrial Automation solutions based on PLCs, drives, SCADA systems, industrial LANs, RTU remote Control, etc.
  • Study of MV and LV electrical installations.
  • Design, development and commissioning of Building Automation solutions (BMS, CTM) based on PLC, controllers, networks, SCADA and dedicated sensors
  • Design and implementation of Energy Management solutions (based on measuring devices and dedicated software)
  • Design and implementation of MES-Manufacturing Execution System solutions (performance control, genealogy, batch process management, traceability, etc.).
  • Training on products and automation solutions.


  • Instrumentation construction works.
  • Installation and connection.
  • Loop test.
  • Commissioning and start-up.
  • Training and Maintenance.

Low-Voltage Power Distribution

  • Integrated Drive Systems
  • Drive Technology
  • Converters
  • Motors
  • Power Distribution


  • Detail study, specifications electrical cabinets & other equipment’sLT, AT.
  • Establishment electrical plan
  • Laying cables, cable shelves, tests wire by wire and connection LT and AT (Limp of junctions, Armoires Marshaling).
  • Configuration communications connection between MCC and PLC.
  • Wiring & cabinet electrical equipment LT, AT and PLC.
  • Counting electrical system with network and supervision station.

Industrial Networks & Optical Fibre

  • Study, supply and realization of industrial networks.
  • Test and splicing of Optical Fiber.
  • Installation and connection of Optical fiber accessories and telecom equipment
  • Installation and start-up of CCTV system.
  • Maintenance and training.